About Us

Guzled Scotland hosts and shares 10,000+ resources writing by Physics Teachers in Scotland. It is a member-only site.

Guzled (or Teaching Resources Ltd) don't own these resources - the members do. They are shared by physics teachers of Scotland and this website provides a central hub for them to be stored.

Guzled started in 2015 and was primarily set up for A-Level and IB specifications. It quickly became a successful teaching aid for physics teachers in England and internationally. Guzled's founder, Sally Weatherly, is Scottish and lives in Edinburgh. It was important to her to engage with physics teachers in Scotland and she knew that the UK Guzled did not meet this objective.

When the previous website owner (Nick Hood) expressed a desire to move on from the responsibility - it was only natural that Sally would take this role. It fits so neatly with the motto of Guzled:

Teach Great Physics Lessons